Reward smart contract skeletons and examples

Is there a generic reward contract that does tokens per second/tokens per block rewards against deposited tokens?

  1. There is a reward token
  2. There is a daily reward rate for all depositors
  3. User deposits a token
  4. User can harvest rewards
  5. User can withdraw

I know some famous implementations that are

Also if there is no generic base smart contract for rewarding, as I assume, can you help me out to map out more examples?

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Actually, I just developed one as I found the ones I found too complex.
They assume that a certain (dynamic) amount of token come into the contract, which then needs to be distributed evenly.
I just wanted a solution where I mint rewards token depending on staked amount * staked time
I have just not released the contract yet …

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@sven.meyer Please let me know if you need any help