Request for ERC1155 tutorial

@PewPew asked on Telegram:

know of any documentation/tutorial for how to setup openzeppelins erc-1155 token? Im feeling a bit lost in their contracts

To fill in a bit, it would be super helpful to get a tutorial like the one opensea provides for erc721 tokens. the first parts of this clip: Thats how I found you guys. I tried setting up their ERC1155 contract but it was outdated and when asking them about it they said I could try with you or enjin. You guys seem to have the best documentation of all but I’m lacking the experience to get it up with the docs you’ve provided. Think it would be possible to get a detailed tutorial like the youtube clip? A youtube clip or simply text doesn’t matter to me, whatever you feel is easiest, I prefer text but beggars shouldn’t be choosers.

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Hi @PewPew,

I have created a very simple example: Create an ERC1155

Feel free to ask questions and I can add to the example.