Rename a Relayer

Dear team,

We can't identify the Relayer network when connecting an auto-task to a relayer, from the list of relayers.
How to rename a relayer please?

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Hi @RomualdH

Thank you for reaching out!

You make a valid point. We should include the network within the dropdown to make this more obvious. I have flagged this internally. Thank you!

There is no way to rename your Relayer from the UI, however, you could use the defender-relay-client package to "update" your relayers. Alternatively, you can share the relayer URL here, or to, together with the desired name, and we can manually change it on our end.

Could you please rename with the network in the name on these relayers:

  • 3474fa59-1bba-44ef-8477-a706b0e21986
  • 9429a1c5-506b-40bf-ac34-bd86c0177d59
  • bc447022-5572-43fa-87ea-8c92511ba952

Thank you in advance!

I've updated the relayer names for you.

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