Relayer send transaction not working

When trying to send a relayer transaction the UI becomes unresponsive when entering parameters to functions and the Prepare transaction button remains disabled even if all parameters are correctly set.

:computer: Environment


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi @amarcu , thanks for reaching out and raising the issue!
Could you tell a bit more about the transaction you are trying to send? What is the contract address?

Having the same issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fill address to interact with
  2. Select function, Start filling data
  3. It crashes after filling the first field and blur it

Hey @index and @amarcu, thanks for reporting.

I was able to trace this issue back to a regression caused by a release we made supporting batch proposals, which changed some of the internal validations for ABI inputs.

In this case, what's breaking is an input validation we use. I sent a PR and should be included in next week's release.

Hope this helps, best!

Hi there,

I am still getting this error on Mumbai network. It happens in the field tokenId from transferFrom() function. Has the PR already been included?

Thank you for your time

hi! I'm having the same issue though with "transfer()", seems like all the transactions are no confirmed.
I created the Relayer more than once though even withdrawing are stuck.
Here's the address to the Relayer: 0xbb1d6ef353c6fa1c165f099fe8cc44ee3c4e655d

Any help would be appreciated.

Seems like the problem was the gas limit, didn't know that 1 GWEI was so low, so I'm adding 50 GWEI to make sure it works.

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