Recommendations to update information on BSCscan

Hello there;

We want to update a new contract on BSCscan.

At first they found that there was a problem about the information. We solved it.
We sent an update request again. Again we did not get an answer.
Then we sent a request from the paid support section. They sayed that they had answered before. Again we got no response.

We are unable to update the “Logo, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Medium” Information, although we have resolved the problems.

We want everything to be complete before we launch the project. How can we overcome this problem?

Contract: 0xb8169550e447f60ccdcdf5fb6f9acbd14d8cbb6c

I’ve moved your post to the #general category as we don’t provide support for BscScan, but other people may have experience going through the same process that they could share.

I imagine the BscScan (i.e. Etherscan) team is overloaded with requests and are slow to process them.