Really big problem urgent please help if you can

Hey everyone. I’m really hoping someone is able to help out. My buddy released a token (bep20) today and we had a presale it was 600 bnb worth. After the presale the community stated they wanted the liquidity locked right away and for the launch to be delayed. What ended up happening was he locked the liquidity for 6mo on unicrypt. No issues. Upon putting the time stamp for trading to be eligible he entered the time in milliseconds not seconds. So basically, now, the token won’t be able to be traded for 50,000 years… the other issue that causes is that the liquidity once unlocked in 6 months will be stuck as well because the token is basically locked for 50,000 years. Can someone please please help out. Everyone is saying there’s no work around. But anything at this point. Please


I think your best bet is to try via Unicrypt devs.

Here’s their Telegram chat:

But I’m afraid there is no backdoor in their locking contract so that it can’t be exploited.

I didn’t udnerstand, you locked tokens or liquidity tokens?

I see this is TIKI clone. The only ones that can transfer are the owner and 0x4Fc4bFeDc5c82644514fACF716C7F888a0C73cCc