Real-world upgraded smart contracts based on OpenZeppelin or AragonOs?

Specifcally, I want to know how popularity the upgraded smart contarcts are, and are there many these contracts in real world ? moreover, I do not know where I can get these contracts

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Hi @Uptre,

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Some examples of projects using upgradeable contracts:

Unlock shared in the #general:showcase how they use upgradeability: Unlock: The Protocol for Memberships

PoolTogether use upgradeable contracts and they have blogged on how they use them:

Coinbase and Circle’s USDC use ZeppelinOS (now called OpenZeppelin SDK) proxy: centrehq/centre-tokens

Let me know if you need more information.

Hi @Uptre,

Checking to see that I answered your question?

Thanks very much. I get some examples from your replys. But more specifically, I want to collect as many as upgradeable smart contracts, so is there any way to achieve that? For example, do they involve any same feature, so that i can pick out them from all ethereum smart contract

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Hi @Uptre,

How are you looking for these contracts?

You could look at the dependents of OpenZeppelin SDK:

If searching on GitHub you could look for contracts that import Initializable.sol

Thanks for your patient and kind suggestions. I’ll try to find them considering references you provided, which helps me a lot!:laughing:

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Let me know if you have any questions.