Quorum ERC20 Tokens

Hi! I recently read about Quorum and became interested in their private network implementation. However, I had a question… if I’d like to implement the ERC20 token standard, how could I give value to these tokens? I mean, what would be needed? Implement mechanisms for buying and selling and then Adding the private blockchain to exchanges?

Hola! Recientemente lei acerca de Quorum y me intereso mucho la implementacion de su red privada. Sin embargo me surgio una duda…si quisiera implementar el standard de tokens ERC20 como le puedo dar valor a estos tokens? Es decir, que se necesitaria? Implementar mecanismos de compra y venta? Pedir que añadan la blockchain privada a exchanges?

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Hi @us3r01,

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If you are thinking about creating a token, you may first want to consider:

  • what is the purpose of the token?
  • why would someone need to use the token?
  • could the solution operate without a token?
  • could the solution operate using either the native currency of the blockchain or a stable token instead of the token?
  • could the solution be cloned and have the token removed, yet still operate (without the token)?

If using a permissioned blockchain, you may want to consider:

  • why can’t the solution operate on a public permissionless blockchain?
  • what functionality do you need on a permissioned blockchain?

Appropriate (and thorough) testing and auditing would be required with any solution.
You may also need to seek appropriate advice on regulatory considerations.

As far as value of a token, you would need to model the tokenomics of the solution to see what, if any, value a token may have over time for the solution.