Pulling out LP Pancake "Error Transaction Would Fail"

So I tried launching a token put $300 as LP then set max TX to 1% and renounced the ownership.

Now token is done and LP is unlocked so I'd like to get my money back.

Try to pull out 100% LP and I am getting this error "Error Transaction Would Fail"

I've done some research and it seems that contract max TX somehow has relation to pancake LP?

Tried to pullout 1% and it works.

So is there any workaround on this since I renounce ownership I can't change the max TX anymore.

Or I'm stuck to pulling out 1% at a time?

if max TX is 1% then yes you are stuck. Look up the max TX and that's what you are able to pull out.
Also ALWAYS use testnets. (There is also a pancakeswap testnet)