PSA Regarding SafeMoon Forks on PancakeSwap - Transfers not working? Read This!

Have you solved this? if so care to share lol

Please search the forums for questions on the SafeMoon fork. There are plenty of solutions and answers of how to do what you’d like.

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Yo I have done everything in this thread, tried different wallets and no matter what it doesn’t let me remove liquidity.

Im also already using the V2 Router in my contract.

After calling the function and make it to false, I still unable to remove the liquidity in PancakeSwap. I also do change the maxTxAmount to a larger amount and it still not able to remove the liquidity. Any idea about this?

I am also getting this error. I have have the proper router on v2, I have set swapAndLiquifyEnabled to false, I have set the maxTxPercent to 100, there is 1011 BNB in liqudity and 10 trillion tokens, and the _maxTxAmount is now nearly the entire total supply. I am unable to sell the token at all without getting a TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED error. @Yoshiko do you have any idea on what can we do to make this work?

First, you want to set swapAndLiquifyEnabled to true and set the contract address as excluded, then you make transfer function, it will work.

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any soluotions if we renounced ownership?

how can I check if a SC's ownership is renounced or not?

I can fix it, If you an not remove LP or members can not buy or sell your toke.
I can update anything on your bep20 token, If you made it on remix.etherum
telegram: @bnbtoken22

I cannot describe how happy I am to remove my 32 bnbs after I could not do it for 4 months!

If you want to do the same, send me a telegram message at @Mirex_Solidity .