ProviderError: The method eth_signTypedData_v4 does not exist/is not available

I don't understand. There is nothing you need to do about that function.

I am going to implement my custom ERC1155Upgradable contract there how can I use this function for InterfaceID for to be registered?

Hey @frangio I hope you are doing good.
I have a few question regarding solidity.
Basically I have developed NFT marketplace for ERC721 &ERC1155. Where on the primary sale happened on my marketplace I am able to charge my marketplace fee But when the secondary sale happened on the Opensea I am unable to get my platformsecondary sale fee which is 2.5%, how can I implement this on Opensea?
As Opensea calling my contract's transferfrom function on each sale. If I want to make it payable which means on each sale's transfer happened on Opensea my contract ERC721 or ERC1155's transferfrom would be called to get my 2.5% secondary sale fee. But for this Opensea revert this transaction each time whenever I call this with the payable modification.
Can you Please suggest me any Standard for this ?

EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard has a lot of support from the community but as far as I know hasn't been adopted by major marketplaces such as OpenSea yet. For OpenSea in particular it seems you should add the seller fee as contract metadata as explained in Contract-level metadata.