Problem with unstaking locked bep20 tokens

I locked some of my bep20 tokens and now when i try to withdraw them i encounter some difficulties, help needed

Some time ago i locked some coins on and when i try withdrawing them on some i get ridiculously high gas fees (like 0.4bnb) or it shows in metamask “transaction error. Exception thrown in contract code” - or both of these problems.

First that error message in metamask led me to believe something was wrong with the token contract itself, but i happen to have second bag of the same token that give me error message and it worked perfectly, low fee, no errors. The difference in the two is just number of locked tokens (the higher count one is making troube)

So i’m stuck, it seems that gas fee is the same no matter how long i wait.
How is the gas on bsc network even calculated? Is there anything i can do? I would love to cash those tokens in but i would not want to pay half of the price on transaction lol.

Is there some other site for locking tokens that works better?

Same problem here. Hope somebody has a solution.

Solution is here!!! Send 0,5% of the locked tokens directly to the token adress. You'll find the adress on the top right when you click Withdraw. The you will be able to withdraw with a minimum amount of fee!

I try your solution without success. I have 140 000 tokens lock, i send first exactly 0.5% on the adress on top right in metamask when i click withdraw. Gas still was 0.4.
I send more token (more than 1%) and the problem is the same.
The address to send is the address on top right ? Like Account1 -> address to send ?

Have any of you found a solution, thanks for your help? :disappointed_relieved: