Problem with prices in smart contract ServiceReceiver.sol

this is my contract

when i create token by my smart contract its work fine , no problem with gas fee. but when i set price for token creation service like 0.2bnb ![44|689x239](upload://zrJSRUeLZrcSlo7wG0CmhK7Mr9C.png)

here i see the problem with gas fee when create token
my project is here , please test to understand problem

Hi, welcome! :wave:

For this function:

function setPrice(string memory serviceName, uint256 amount) public onlyOwner {
    _prices[_toBytes32(serviceName)] = amount;

It looks like simple enough, only one thing you should notice is that you should use the owner account to call this function.

And you can just send this transaction to see wether there would be an error message.

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