Pancake: TRANSFER_FAILED when testing swapping new token on forked mainnet

I'm trying to ramp up on defi so I'm testing deploying Safemoon and and running some test buys and sells via HardHat on a forked mainnet. Im able to automatically deploy the contract successfully and add liquidity, but test buys (swapExactETHForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens) only works for the contract owner. Otherwise I get a 'Pancake: TRANSFER_FAILED' error.

I looked at the Pancakeswap core smart contracts and see that this error is generated when _safeTransfer fails, and _safeTransfer is called during a swap in UniswapV2Pair::swap and UniswapV2Pair::skim. This presumably means there was an issue transferring tokens out of the LP to the person doing the swap - does anyone have an idea why this happens? Is it possible to test deploying and swapping a new token on a forked mainnet?

Thank you!

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@halfalicious, did you solve the issue?