Other Than Remix IDE for "Release" task

Dear Support,

I managed to deploy PaymentSplitter.sol and have produced the following MetaData:

Metadata of "paymentsplitter" was published successfully for

  1. Context.sol

  2. SafeMath.sol

  3. PaymentSplitter.sol

https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/v3.0.1/contracts/payment/PaymentSplitter.sol :


However, by the time when I wanted to "Release" (as per the tutorial --> Using PaymentSplitter with Remix) I realise that my "balance" in my MetaMask was hacked.

Although I have deleted and created a new one (MetaMask), still being hacked in a split seconds after I placed my ETH deposit (less than $50) I understand that is my MetaMask problem but then is the Remix IDE for executing this "Release" task requires MetaMask to pay the gas fees.

Now, I have the PaymentSplitter Smart Contract but I'm unable to proceed to the "Release" stage due to this matter. No matter how much deposit I made for my MetaMask, all be gone within few seconds.

My question is, apart from Remix iDE that I need to use MetaMask (since the MetaMask is easily to get hacked and not just me, there are many of them experienced the same as me), do you have other alternative for me execute "Release" task?

Kindly take note that I'm not an experienced coder and I'm quite new here, do not expect me to know everything but I'm willing to learn =).

Thanks in advance for your advice and understanding.

This is not normal. MetaMask can be safe. I suggest finding out why you are getting hacked like this before moving on to anything else or putting any more funds at risk... Something else must be wrong with your computer or browser. Uninstall all untrusted extensions, make sure you have MetaMask generate new keys, and so on.

Thanks for your feedback. Those what you have suggested, I have mention that I've tried. My apology, as this may not happen to you that's why you're providing this suggestions. Perhaps if you have time, you can see the search for the MetaMask topic for being hacked and maybe you can get a glimpse of what I've been through. I really do appreciate it if you're in my situation.

Anyway, would you be so kind and considerate to answer my question is do you have other alternative for executing the "Release" task apart from Remix IDE?

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration and understanding.

I understand. I didn't feel comfortable making recommendations because this is a serious problem that you should fix, and you may be at risk even if using other tools...

That said, check out Hardhat.

Good! good! thanks so much for your advice on alternatives. I'm sorry for the trouble.