OpenZepplin upgrade libraries version 2.6 & 2.7

Where can I find the source code of previous versions of OpenZepplin upgrade libraries?
I checked previous tags/releases on Github but I couldn’t find them and seems like they’re deleted.

I think you’re talking about the upgrades library that was part of the OpenZeppelin SDK. You can find version 2.6 here:

Note that this has been deprecated and the current recommendation is to use OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins.

Thank you so much @frangio. I’ve searched a lot but couldn’t find it. Actually, it’s just for research purposes. Are there any versions of OpenZepplin proxies other than these two?
And are there any security issues with the previous version that leads to changing the version or are there any other reasons for the change?

The reason for the change and deprecation was that scope of problems that OpenZeppelin SDK aimed to tackle was quite large and we decided to focus on upgrades more specifically which is why we built the OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins, for Hardhat and Truffle.

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