I am using @openzeppelin/test-helpers and create-react-app. Both install and use a version of webpack. However, to run the react app requires webpack v4.44.2 or higher but the version bundled into the test-helpers build is v3.12.0.

How can this problem be overcome? Can test-helpers be installed with a later version of webpack?

Test-helpers does not have a dependency on webpack. I'm not sure where you're seeing this?

Hi @frangio

If I install test-helpers into an empty directory webpack is installed. This older version of webpack is incompatible with create-react-app.

simonroope@MacBook testdir % npm list webpack
└── (empty)

simonroope@MacBook testdir % npm i @openzeppelin/test-helpers
npm WARN deprecated @ensdomains/resolver@0.2.4: Please use @ensdomains/ens-contracts
added 963 packages, and audited 1064 packages in 2m

simonroope@MacBook testdir % npm list webpack
└─┬ @openzeppelin/test-helpers@0.5.15
└─┬ @truffle/contract@4.3.42
└─┬ @ensdomains/ensjs@2.0.1
└─┬ @ensdomains/ens@0.4.3
└─┬ ethereumjs-testrpc@6.0.3
└── webpack@3.12.0

Many thanks

Webpack should not be there. It's actually been removed in more recent versions but it hasn't been released yet.

@frangio Until the release of a newer version of test-helpers, that does not include webpack, what is a suggested solution to the problem? When might the newer version be available?
Many thanks

This is not a problem in OpenZeppelin Test Helpers. I also personally don't see how this can be causing issues for your project. But we don't have the bandwidth to help you debug it right now.