Openzeppelin test helpers/ Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: ""

Hey, I've written a solidity function that stakes coin after 1 minute of previous staking on user input. the code goes like this...

uint public pastStakeTime = block.timestamp;

function stakeToken(uint _amount, address _staker) external payable {
        require(block.timestamp - pastStakeTime > 1 minutes, "please wait for 1 minutes");
        //as a record that this stakeholder staked this amount
        stakeholderBalance[_staker] += _amount;
        //all the amounts must have the authority of admin
        entityBalances[admin_HolderOfTokens] += _amount;
        //pushing the stakeholder in our stake holder address
        pastStakeTime = block.timestamp;

Now, I want to test it, and I used openzeppelin test helpers to manipulate the time.

const { time } = require('@openzeppelin/test-helpers');

it('it stakes the tokens after one minutes of previous staking', async () => {
        await time.increaseTo(time.duration.minutes(2));
        const stakeAmount = 500;
        await token.stakeToken(stakeAmount, stakeHolder.address);
        expect(await token.getStakeHolderBalance(stakeHolder.address)).to.equal(500);

but, await time.increaseTo(time.duration.minutes(2)); is not working and I'm not able to execute the function.

I've also tried await time.increase(time.duration.minutes(2)); but getting the json rpc error. Anyone please help.

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My tests stopped working at all after using test-helpers. Going to drop them all.
But how is it possible to catch ECONNREFUSED on a local test ganache network???
I debugged this error and look what I found:

Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: ""

I'm also getting this error whenever trying to use time.increase. A solution would be great
Using Chai in hardhat