@openzeppelin/cli CLI bug that wont let me input name on oz call


I recently got a new bug when trying to oz call stuff. I am on @openzeppelin/cli@2.5.3.

The problem is that I want to oz call a funtion on my instance but it errors with You must provide a name parameter. Problem is it never prompts me to input parameter, but throws immediately.

I am trying to call this solidity state variable getter that automatically got generated (public) by the compiler. The state variable is of type mapping.

I also noticed that I got this Keccak bindings are not compiled. Pure JS implement... warning on my oz send-tx and oz-call commands recently. I think it wasnt there before. I switched my node versions around recently but now I am back on node --version v10.17.0

Keccak bindings are not compiled..... warning gone after I rm -rf node_modules/ and npm install. However, oz CLI bug still there:

This Works:

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Hi @gitpusha,

There is an issue with providing a name parameter in the current version of the CLI.
You can work around by specifying the method name and arguments on the command line:

$ npx oz call --method "getStorage(uint256)" --args 1

This issue has been fixed and is in the 2.6 release candidate (npm install -g @openzeppelin/cli@rc).

I recommend having one question per topic if you can. It is easier for the community to answer, and for future readers to find answers.

Glad you resolved the bindings issue.

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Hi @gitpusha,

I wanted to check that the above worked around your issue?

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Hi, calling the method directly from the command input works. I will try the new 2.6 verison. Thank you!

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