OpenZeppelin CLI 2.8: Opt out of Upgradeability

With this new release you’ll be able to deploy non-upgradeable instances of your contracts. We hope you like it! Read on to find out more.

npm install @openzeppelin/cli

Opt out of Upgradeability

Until today, using the CLI you’d only be able to deploy upgradeable contracts. This developed from our initial goal of building an encompassing upgradeability solution. Over time, we realized that the CLI could be much more useful and added more general features like send-tx and call. Coupled with the interactive interface users have found these commands an essential part of their toolbox. The one thing missing was the ability to deploy non-upgradeable contract instances.

The CLI 2.8 ships with a brand new subcommand called deploy. It is the “one-stop shop” for deploying contracts. Using this command you will be able to deploy upgradeable and minimal proxy instances, like the current create command, and non-upgradeable instances, which we are calling regular, all under a unified interface.

The deploy command is our first step towards reducing the friction around using upgradeability. If you want to know more, check out our Q1 roadmap and the SDK 3.0 design document.


I am biased, but I :heart: regular deploys.

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