OpenZeppelin CLI 2.7

Hey everyone! We are proud to announce the release 2.7 of our CLI. This release includes many new features and bugfixes, which we hope you’ll enjoy! You can check out the full changelog to see all changes included in this release, or upgrade to the new version now!

$ npm install --save-dev @openzeppelin/cli@2.7

Solidity 0.6 support

This release has full support for the Solidity 0.6 version, which includes compiling, deploying, and interacting with contracts written with this version. Furthermore, the Initializable base contract has been tuned so it can be used with the 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 compilers.


The CLI can now generate typechain artifacts for your contracts, making it easier to use your projects in a typescript project. To enable it, just ensure you have a tsconfig.json at the root of your project, and both oz init and oz compile will ask you whether you want to enable typechain support.


We made a few changes to how we handle imports in our compiler. The result is that we now have faster CLI response times, especially in large projects when we need to check whether there is anything to compile or not. We have also fixed issues that occurred when there were duplicate contract names, and removed support for ambiguous import paths. We are now also using our CLI to compile the contracts that are part of the SDK itself!

What’s next

The release candidate for 2.8, the next version, is just around the corner. We plan for 2.8 to be the last minor release of the v2 major, as work on v3 is already underway. You can read more in our roadmap for February-March. Stay tuned!


OpenZeppelin CLI 2.7.1 runs on node 13. Thanks @spalladino :pray:


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