OpenZeppelin Blog Post about Data Location

Hello OpenZeppelin team :slight_smile:

I don't really know where to report this, but I have noticed a small correction in your article "Ethereum in Depth Part II".

The section about the stack mention that the opcodes DUP and SWAP can duplicate the nth item, "with _n from 1 to 32".

I believe this to be a mistake, as the EVM can access up to the 16th item on the stack, and the DUP and SWAP opcodes are available up to DUP16 and SWAP16. See this website:

Just wanted to report this. Apart from that, you articles, blog posts, videos and library contracts are great and I have been learning a lot thanks to your content guys, and I keep on learning thanks to you. So thanks a lot for your great content guys! :smiley:

Wishing you a beautiful week-ends!

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