OpenSea doesn't load images with 2 digits

So, I've created two folders on IPFS.

Images CID: QmRcEhMDmSMQuXFZXsg73w76eKqVEFZGy8cSvn9PfUw7bH
Folder CID: QmPsG54TQRaeuqRexDXxd77E916zMugjsqmifH2QTvAmxr

Folder looks like below:

And 0x000...13.json:

  "description": "In Memory of Steve Irwin",
  "image": "ipfs://QmRcEhMDmSMQuXFZXsg73w76eKqVEFZGy8cSvn9PfUw7bH/13.jpg",
  "name": "13"

and images:

As you can see I padded the metadata file names to hexadecimal. (e.g: 1.json is 000...01.json, 63 zeros before the last 1). For some reason, OpenSea can load the images with 1 digit but not the 2 digits (it loads 1,2,3,...9.jsons but not the 10,11,12 and 13.jsons). What am I doing wrong here?

The OpenSea link for the collection: click here

The issue is not numbers with two digits, but numbers where the base-10 representation is different from base-16/hexadecimal!

EIP-1155 specifies that {id} is replaced with the hex-encoded id. Previous discussion here:

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