Need Someone to help me with revising a BEP20 crowdsale contract with referral rewards function ( Willing to pay for help )

Dear Openzeppelin Support Members
i am in need of your help.,
i have recently created and deployed a BEP20 token on BSC via Remix
the token has been minted with permanent amount oif tokens it also has a taxation function.

i recently purchased a ICO crowdsale plugin for wordpress
it says i need a ICO crowdsale contract it needs to be with a referrals rewards function
so each time a buyer pays through the crowdsale contract a referrer gets rewarded with the same token

i have an existing crowdsale contract i got online i belive it is writen in solidity language wanted to have it check if its safe and what i need to revise to successfully deploy it. i am still learning solidity so will need some guidance with this

will be more than happy to pay for your assistance

Many Thanks

:1234: Code to reproduce

:computer: Environment

Hello, i can assist you with that, can you DM me?

sir i cant seem to find the DM button
please kindly message me

Discord: Gloman#9030

Hello @TheMaharlika

I have sent you request on discord, please check.


Just added you! Sorry i didnt see your message earlier