Need help verifying Contract on Bscscan ASAP

Hi everyone, i am in a situation where im actually out of ideas. I am trying to verify the code for a token that is currently very live and active so it wont be possible to just start again. The contract was made on remix i am not sure of the exact compiler version number but i have now tried all available options on bscscan with absoultely no luck. Here is the code

pragma solidity ^0.8.2;

contract Token {

    mapping(address => uint) public balances;

    mapping(address => mapping(address => uint)) public allowance;

    uint public totalSupply = 1000000000 * 10 ** 18;

    string public name = "JetSet Token";

    string public symbol = "JTS";

    uint public decimals = 18;


    event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint value);

    event Approval(address indexed owner, address indexed spender, uint value);


    constructor() {

        balances[msg.sender] = totalSupply;



    function balanceOf(address owner) public returns(uint) {

        return balances[owner];



    function transfer(address to, uint value) public returns(bool) {

        require(balanceOf(msg.sender) >= value, 'balance too low');

        balances[to] += value;

        balances[msg.sender] -= value;

       emit Transfer(msg.sender, to, value);

        return true;



    function transferFrom(address from, address to, uint value) public returns(bool) {

        require(balanceOf(from) >= value, 'balance too low');

        require(allowance[from][msg.sender] >= value, 'allowance too low');

        balances[to] += value;

        balances[from] -= value;

        emit Transfer(from, to, value);

        return true;  



    function approve(address spender, uint value) public returns (bool) {

        allowance[msg.sender][spender] = value;

        emit Approval(msg.sender, spender, value);

        return true;  



Its obviously a basic code because we had no need for staking etc and only needed the essentIals.
i have compared the Bytecode from the Copiled info to the Bytecode that bscscan has with 100% match, but when i try to verify i am getting this error

Compiler debug log:
Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI
Found the following ContractName(s) in source code : Token
But we were unable to locate a matching bytecode (err_code_2)

We were only made aware of this problem when an exchange pointed it out during integration so we are currently on hold untill it is fixed so any help at all or any advice would instantly and automatically make you a legend

Please refer to our guide on verification: