Need Dev to Develop a contract that override transfer function

Dear Dev,

I would like to create a contract to mange erc20 token, and the contract need to override token contract's transfer function.

Token contract

In this contract we marked wallet address

As is bot = true

So it cannot transfer tokens since the token contract's transferfrom function required
Isbot! = true
function _transfer(address from, address to, uint256 amount) private {
require(from != address(0), "Mairu: transfer from the zero address");
require(to != address(0), "Mairu: transfer to the zero address");
require(amount > 0, "Mairu: Amount must be greater than zero");
require(!isBot[from], "Mairu: Bot detected");

    if (from != owner() && to != owner()) {
        // trading disable till launch
        require(trading, "Mairu: trading is disable");
        // antibot
        if (
            block.timestamp < launchedAt + snipingTime
        ) {
            if (dexPair == from) {
                isBot[to] = true;
            } else if (dexPair == to) {
                isBot[from] = true;

We will give approval to our new contract from the bot marked wallets from that we need override the token transfer from function.

Ultimately we have to move bot marked wallets tokens to contract and can withdraw any time to any address.

Hi, I checked your problem carefully and I can solve it with your requirements
Could you contact me for more detailed discussion?

Your tg plz

We will discuss more on it

hi xdex
please share your tg plz

I have read your problem carefully.
I can help you.
Hope to discuss via Telegram.