Need a help setliquidityFeePercent and setTaxFee

Set maximum limit for the setLiquidityFeePercent and setTaxFeePercent setter functions.

How can this set
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function setTaxFeePercent(uint256 taxFee) external onlyOwner() {
        _taxFee = taxFee;
    function setLiquidityFeePercent(uint256 liquidityFee) external onlyOwner() {
        _liquidityFee = liquidityFee;

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For these two functions, they look like simple enough, just write the data to the contract, but these two functions can only be called by the contract owner due to a limitation onlyOwner.
So what is your problem? Can not you call these two function successfully?

the auditor has objected to it, he sees it as not beautiful!
the function works but I wanted to define it!.

I have removed both functions, I don’t really need them. I have another problem for that :pensive::rofl:

Your code is based on a very popular codebase that has a liquidity addition feature.
This popular code has a moderate design issue where if there are much more buys than sells, the contract can accrue a significant amount of tokens. If such a case happens, an attacker can execute a large number of sell transactions and cause a price drop.
The only consequence is a pretty significant price drop because of the large number of tokens that would enter the pool.
We are still discussing on ways to overcome this issue and will keep you posted asap.

Total Fee ist 13% / = 5% holder /4% burn / 4% LP

I need something for that, I would have thought a burn from like the auditor told me


function _burnFrom(uint256 value) external onlyOwner{
_burn(address(this), amount);
is there a better solution?

I need some help please.
I’ve already set the function for liquidity percent. But when i want to set the liquidity to 5%, and i write the percent in bsc write option, should i write only 5, or with how many 0s after it?
Thank you in advance