Mint overflow error trade

Hi first I called a lot of mint functions and then burned many of them but when I want to sell as owner I get an overflow error

Contract: 0x58472700522605db6505ed6aea866f57d9873c44


1st of all, what the hell?

Now to your question, PANCAKE:OVERFLOW happens when the balance of the PancakePair contract gets over the max value for uint112, also i noticed your token has 9 decimals, which seems to confuse both the pancakePair contract AND bscscan (this is when i check the holders tab on bscscan, and this is a perfectly acceptable amount)
(and this is when i check the pancakePair contract directly on bscscan, and this indeed overflows) image

querying balanceOf() on your contract for the pancakePair address returns 156710664355019874782979654186687487805320125818 wei (yeah, a 3rd different number), which is wayyy above uint112 max value (>+0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffff). Cant tell where the problem is exactly, but your contract is deeply fucked