Logging unused networks

:computer: Environment

  • node v14.18.1 (64-bit)
  • defender-autotask-client: 1.22.0


  • I have one sentinel (network: Rinkeby), it calls Vault Autotask
  • I have one AutoTask (network: Rinkeby), it calls Vault relayer
  • I have one Relayer (network: Rinkeby), it calls Vault smart contract defined in Admin

:x: Problem

As a result, it doesn't make sense to log other networks but Rinkeby. However, they are logged:

:point_right: Logging ethereum mainnet

:point_right: Logging BSC mainnet

:white_check_mark: Expected

Not logging networks that are not defined.

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes

Hi Pedro

Thanks for reporting the issue, we are working on resolving it.

Logging is a relatively new component added to Defender. We are happy to hear suggestions on how to improve it.

Best regards,