Locked token issue

I'm trying to help my friends get the Marketcap corrected on their coin. They sent a 77% locked supply to Pinklock's wallet.

This is the transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xccebb02c9fba6ec9c7caf6016f3cd308e94cf9bcfe86126b62d26be04bc0e54e

Token CA: 0xc182266788ec87e4f66679e78d42b6bdab878f3e

This is the Pinklock wallet the 77% went to:

The locked supply doesn't show up in that wallet on Etherscan. Anyone know why? Yet Dextools see's the 77% locked supply. It's odd. Etherscan needs to see the locked coins in that wallet to remove them from the circulating supply.

We've emailed Pinklock and etherscan, they point fingers at eachother.


and, even though dextools see's the 77% locked supply, the mcap is still messed up.