List of EVM packages

This is a curated list of all EVM packages available to use via ZeppelinOS. Let us know of any new EVM package out there, and we will be happy to add it to the list!


Available on mainnet, ropsten, rinkeby, and kovan

OpenZeppelin is a library for secure smart contract development. It provides implementations of standards like ERC20 and ERC721 which you can deploy as-is or extend to suit your needs, as well as Solidity components to build custom contracts and more complex decentralized systems. This EVM package provides ready-to-use already-deployed ERC20 and ERC721 contracts, as well as a token vesting and a payment splitter implementation.

Transaction Permission Layer

Available on mainnet, ropsten, rinkeby, and kovan

TPL is a method for assigning metadata (or “attributes”) to Ethereum addresses. These attributes then form the basis for designing systems that enforce permissions when performing certain transactions. For instance, using TPL, securities tokens can require that attributes be present and have an appropriate value every time a token is sent or received. This allows projects to remain compliant with regulations by validating every single exchange between participants, beyond just the initial offering.

LevelK Registry Builder

Available on mainnet, ropsten, rinkeby, and kovan

This library aims to be a readable and modular library for registries and TCR’s. Ideally developers can use these contracts to deploy their TCR or use these contracts as an extension onto their personalized registry contract.

Gnosis Safe

Available on mainnet, rinkeby, and kovan

The npm package has not been published yet

The Gnosis Safe aims to provide all users with a convenient, yet secure way to manage their funds and interact with decentralized applications on Ethereum.

Livepeer Sorted Doubly Linked List

Under development

A sorted doubly linked list implementation in Solidity. The repository includes a fundraising leaderboard as a sample dapp.

LevelK Tidbit Oracles

Under development

A library for oracles in Solidity. Provides implementation of basic oracles, push oracles, and signed oracles.