Link to a Deployed Version of a Smart Contract


So I have a big picture question. How would one go about linking to a deployed version of a smart contract? I know it's possible to link to contracts that you've deployed yourself.

But I was curious if it was possible to be able to link to a deployed version of the ERC721 standard, for example, so that I would only have to deploy my specific extension of that standard. Are there a list of contract addresses for each of the OpenZeppelin releases? The intention here is to be able to save on gas fees from having to deploy all of the ERC standard contracts.

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I am not sure what do you want to do, it seems like you want to deploy a proxy to call the implementation that has been deployed.
And I think OpenZeppelin team do not provide public contracts that you can use.

Ah, that's unfortunate, the reason I was asking was because I came across this page in the docs which makes reference to

taking advantage of its contracts being already deployed on the blockchain [as dependencies]

But when I dug further, it seems like the oz cli tool was deprecated recently. Are there any other approaches members of the community are taking to not have to deploy the bundle of the same contracts required for an ERC721 token for example (e.g. the interface, the implementation, the ownable contract, etc...)

Maybe you can have a look at this tool: OpenZeppelin Contracts Wizard

Thanks for the follow-up, I'm aware of the contracts wizard. What I'm hoping to be able to do is avoid having to redeploy the import statements from my contract (i.e. ERC721URIStorage.sol) since I'm sure many have already deployed that contract verbatim and rather use it as a reference. (if that is possible at all)