Licensing Question for Product Containing Open Source and Custom Code

We are about to launch our token and Uniswap V3 raised a concern.
Uni V3 released their code under business license, meaning they retain the rights for 2 years.

When writing our token, we used combinations of standard functions from open zeppelin, etc as well as our own code.

When verifying the code on BSCscan, it asked what the license is. I put "none" thinking I am not claiming a license.

What license does the product fall under?
What if one function is MIT license, another function is under another type of license and then we have custom code utilizing those functions.

Is there a general rule of thumb for this stuff?
Can we license under business license if we use an MIT licensed open source packet in our code?

Have I provided enough information to have a proper discussion on the right way to proceed?


Only a lawyer can give you a definitive answer.

From the little knowledge I have, the MIT license is permissive so you would be able to use the business license even if you use MIT licensed code. You can read more in Choose a License.