Issue with Sentinel not triggering

Hi there!
First of all thanks for making defender, it’s an awesome tool!
I’m seeing strange behavior from Sentinel
I have set up a sentinel on Goerli that should only listen for a specific event on a contract with no added filters, conditions or functions.
I have tested webhook for disc and i get test message fine. If i back test sentinel rule against recent blocks that i know have selected events it finds and shows them correctly but i then get no notifications as they happen.
I also don’t see an option to permanently delete notification profiles, they seem to be retained even after the associated sentinel has been deleted so you can end up with quite a large list to select from(unless i’m missing a delete option somewhere)
Also wanted to report a very minor typo:

Did some further tests and the issue seem to happen specifically with notifications piped to Discord as the rule works when chosing email as a notification method.

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Hey @spaghetticode! Thanks for reporting the issue. Any chance I can ask you for the tx hashes that you would have expected to trigger the sentinel? Also, can I ask you for your Sentinel’s name in Defender, so I can look for potential errors associated to it in our logs? Thank you!

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Hi there!
Yes absolutely.
this is a tx that should have triggered the sentinel(and indeed it is picked up if i backtest in recent blocks):
The name of the sentinel is Testsentinel and i can confirm if i click the send test message button i do get a message in discord but not the actual notification for events.
Thanks for taking a look and let me know if you need anything else!

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Thanks! I’ll look into it and get back to you during this week.

Piggy backing on this one, to debug I have checked EVERY event and function on my contract as conditions, and still events like 2h ago, & such never triggered the Discord hook (or it died silently on your end). Even if they match on the tester

Hey @Elyx0 @spaghetticode I can confirm there is a bug specific to Discord notifications. We have identified it and are working on a fix. Expect it to be in production by early next week.