Is there a cheaper way to map unrevealedURI during mint than this?

I have a bit of a tricky problem here.

So for my contract I have 2 factions and when a user mints he can decide what faction to mint and there are two separate unrevealed URIs (one for each faction). Im using ERC721A so I need to mint from 1 to 10000 in order so I can't just separate token 1-5000 as faction 1 and 5001-10000 as faction 2. I have this solution here but when a user batch mints 3 tokens I have to set 3 different mapping items for each token to map to the baseURI. Those 3 sets are taking up a decent amount of gas.


function mint(uint256 _count, uint8 factionId) 
        if(tx.origin != msg.sender) revert NoContracts();
        uint256 totalSupply = totalSupply();
        //Add check to only let 3 max mints per wallet

        if(factionId == 1){
            if(faction1SupplyMinted + _count > 5001) revert MintExceedsMaxFaction1Supply();
            for(uint256 i; i < _count; i++) {
                unrevealedURIMapping[totalSupply + i] = 1;
             _safeMint(msg.sender, _count);
            faction1SupplyMinted += _count;
        } else if(factionId == 2){
            if(faction2SupplyMinted + _count > 5001) revert MintExceedsMaxFaction2Supply();
            for(uint256 i; i < _count; i++) {
                unrevealedURIMapping[totalSupply + i] = 2;
            _safeMint(msg.sender, _count);
            faction2SupplyMinted += _count;
        }  else {
            revert("Faction ID is invalid");

Then when checking tokenURI I have this check if not revealed is true:

if(notRevealed) {
            uint256 factionId = unrevealedURIMapping[_tokenId];
            if (factionId == 1) {
                return faction1UnrevealedURI;
            } else if (factionId == 2) {
                return faction2UnrevealedURI;
            revert TokenNonExistent();

When running a gas test this is what happens when batchMinting more than 1 token:
Faction Minting
gas to mint 1: 123006
gas to mint 2: 147344
gas to mint 3: 171682
gas to mint 4: 196020
gas to mint 5: 220358

I have narrowed it down to each set on unrevealedURIMapping is causing a big increase in gas.

Do you have an idea on a better solution that using a mapping like this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!