Is it possible for a token to reflect a different token

I'm trying to make this crypto coin where I'd reward people for buying when a certain condition was in place and based on how much they buy I reward them. saving all the addresses and amounts into a mapping and sorting then looping through them take a crazy amount of gas so What Ive decided to do is create a second token that's worthless untransferable used to "mark" the account and give them the exact amount that they bought while they buying the real token in order to know how much they bought then when it's time to reward them I somehow "reflect" the tokens on to the marker token holders accounts.

Would this be possible by any stretch?

I didn't understand if you want a token with reflection, so rewards holders in the same token, or a dividend token where you rewards holders with another erc20

Essentially asking for the latter. When people buy the main token during the condition or special time reward them with the same amount in worthless "marking" tokens. Then later one reward the marker token holders with the main token

Basically what @Quavo said

Ok so if you want to reward in same token you can use a reflection token as example

Yes but im trying to only reward people that bought during a certain period (or condition) and im trying to do that by assigning those people marking tokens to reward them later