Is it ok to publish modified OpenZeppelin Contracts Preset contract to IPFS?


I would like to publish my contract to IPFS with Remix and I am using Preset: with only a couple of modifications.

Is it ok for me to publish it (and subsequent files loaded when importing the Preset) there to get IPFS link and do I need to do any credit etc.? If so, what is the best way?


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Hi @SolidityDevPrague,

Yes you can publish contracts extending OpenZeppelin Contracts to IPFS (and for verification) via Remix

Assuming you are using a customized version of the preset rather than just extending OpenZeppelin Contracts I suggest using a license that is compatible with MIT (which is what OpenZeppelin Contracts uses) and adding a comment with a permalink back to OpenZeppelin Contracts repository to show where you got the code from and that OpenZeppelin Contracts is MIT license.

The following is an example where OpenZeppelin Contracts code was inspired from another project:

You may also want to add a badge to your repository: