Is ERC4626 OZ implementation stable to be used in production

Hey OZ team.
Thanks for the amazing work on the OZ contracts.

I am following the OZ ERC4626 implementation updates for some time and I feel there are a couple of unresolved issues and pending discussions that are still open.
I am planning to build some Vault contracts and had finalized the OZ ERC4626 implementation to move forward.
I wanted to know besides the initial cautionary notes added in the contract,

  1. Are there any fatal issues that are still pending to be resolved ?
  2. Is the contract ready for production and can be used as an implementation ?
  3. Are there any specific updates a person needs to do after inheriting the OZ ERC4626 implementation?

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

ERC4626 is introduced after v4.7.x, so it does not like ERC20, it has not been verified by extensive use, and yes, there are some things has not beed decided, e.g, should it contain ERC165? how to add fees?

As for cautions, I think the vault deployers can deposit some initial amount of asset, this can make price manipulation become infeasible.

And it is always a good idea to test contract before you use it in production.


test very well be use on live production.