Invalid number of parameters for "mint". Got 1 expected 2!

I am new to solidity and web3 so bear with me. I'm sure this is an easy fix. I am getting this error on a rinkeby contract I deployed with the address: 0x7f1f5CE8c097C94268Dd6C47208D13190De7a37e

I've tried _mint and mint.


const mintResult = await{account: address, amount: 100}).send();


          constant: true,
          inputs: [
            { name: "account", type: "address" },
            { name: "amount", type: "uint256" }
          name: "mint",
          outputs: [],
          type: "function",

:computer: Environment

hardhat was used to deploy

This is your only parameter:

and that is a single JSON object even if it contains multiple properties. So try this instead:
const mintResult = await, 100).send();