Introduce yourself here!

Welcome on board! I agree with @tharaka, an impressive profile indeed. I admire your confidence but let me warn you that building cryptoeconomic systems is somewhat comparable to working on power plants: it’s a huge responsibility and you better know what you’re doing or things can get nasty.

That being said, it’s amazing that you’re here and I think it’s the right place for you to begin :slight_smile:

What are you learning at the moment? Consider visiting the #general:guides-and-tutorials category and let us know what kind of guides you think are missing :zap:

Thanks for the warm welcome @tharaka & @martriay.

Let me first say, I’ve been a member of many forums over the years and I must say this is the warmest welcome I’ve ever received. We are driven to do amazing things and produce unbelievable results by our passion for the technology or the impact we may have on society. It is my belief; my passion that we can impact society by exploiting the heat energy stored in the earth for our energy needs while crypto currencies completely transform how we think of money, it’s store of value and medium of exchange.

Crypto is inherently power intensive. By combining the mining function with the power generation function and creating two wealth creation streams, we can accelerate the adoption of crypto by linking it to real hard utility assets.

@martriay, I started to learn solidity last year but didn’t have the time or focus to keep at it. So with this new token concept, I am more inclined to dig in. With that said, though, I’m not a software developer and no matter what I may think I can do, I know that a true expert needs to write the real code. My intention would be to take this idea far enough to prove the concept. So, write the design criteria. I’ve already produced the website. With the help of Zeppelin, the example smart contracts and the community, I hope to show a proof of concept that can then be developed into the dApps that run the power plant and the mining datacenter. Thank you for your suggestion on where to start! I will follow your path. If there is something that newbies like me need I’ll be sure to let you know.

Lastly, I’m thinking that the token and dApps need to non-fungible and thus use ERC-721. Reason being is that each token represents a membership/ownership share of the LLC that owns and operates the power plant project. Because of this and the benefits that are represented by the tokens they need to be unique. My thought is that when selling them or trading them that the exchange takes place in a fairly controlled marketplace that is either part of the project or an exchange that caters to these types of assets. Thoughts?

Sorry for the long winded post.


@drakon you could check out what Decentraland did for their land ERC-721 tokens, they made their own market. They also have a lot of experience in such subject. Another option would be the opensea project that offers a market place for selling and biding on non-fungible tokens.
I love your flourish background, good to see you here.


Hello All

My name is Frederick, I am interested in learning more about smart contract development and hope to become a smart contract developer in the coming months. I am based in Jupiter, Florida. I heard about Zeppelin through the loom crypto zombie tutorial. I expect to learn more about smart contract dev and how to create secure smart contracts.

Welcome on board @frederickalcantara :slight_smile: its nice to see you around. Hope you will enjoy your stay here and your valuable feedback is most welcome. I believe the perfect place to start would be to visit Guides and Tutorials and while reviewing, please let us know how to improve the thread going forward. Have a good day :slight_smile:

ty :slight_smile: appreciate your support and now that I’ve read and experiment more with Ethereum and solidity I’m now ready to engage so you might see more of me in the forums :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!

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@scammi, thanks for the suggestions.I looked at Decentraland . Interesting what they have done. I haven’t yet looked at opensea but plan to do so today.

I’ve been learning as much as I can in the last week and now believe that developing our dApp wit OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS is the way to go. I do, however have some questions about JP Morgan’s Quorum Ethereum blockchain and their Cakeshop development environment. Do they use the OpenZeppelin contracts or have they built everything from scratch? And, could OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS be deployed on Quorum?

Thanks everyone for your help and support!!!

I’m Andrew B Coathup (@abcoathup pretty much everywhere). I live in Melbourne Australia.

I went down the rabbit hole in April 2017. First with Hyperledger and then Ethereum.
I attended DevCon4, Peepeth’s #buidl_bali retreat and can be found most Wednesdays at the Web3 Melbourne weekly hack (normally demoing xDAI burner wallet and my own simple crypto collectible BlockHorses).

I am passionate about decentralisation, especially on mobile.

Learning about Ethereum I came across Zeppelin pretty early on in my journey. I learnt a lot reading the teams smart contract audits. I gleened how to do testing, basic CI, and repo badges all from the Zeppelin repository. I loved playing Ethernaut.

The earliest public reference I made to Zeppelin was my answer to how to start learning smart contract development on Reddit and then a followup medium article.

I have huge respect for Zeppelin. I recommend inheriting from Zeppelin contracts where possible.

In person find me at the Web3 Melbourne hack, otherwise on Peepeth. :penguin::penguin::penguin::fire:



Marvelous, the Zeppelin is strong with this one :fire:

Welcome Andrew to the forum and community, looking forward to see you around :heart:

  • I am blockchain technology curious for merchant applications with integration in supply chain finance.
  • I am from France with Indian origins, was victim of decolonization; hence migrated to the West Indies.
  • Qwant is a good search engine. We were seeking an open source smart contract platform for our proposed services and we stumbled on Zepplin Solutions.
  • Would love to contribute to building services around Zepplin Solutions. Its good work and deserves all the support the project needs. Would love to help out in any way possible.

Welcome @xtreme to the community :zap:

Excuse my ignorance, but what would decolonization be?

Awesome! What did you like about it? How do you use it? How can we make it better?

Your help is much appreciated – and needed! You can contribute to the Ethernaut or OpenZeppelin projects. You can also help by answering questions here in the forum (super helpful to learn fast!) or writing guides in the #general:guides-and-tutorials category :slight_smile:

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Hi there, my name is Ahmed Mutawa from Abu Dhabi, UAE. I worked as project manager for couple of years and now I would like to change my career into smart contract development, and definitely Zeppelin is the place to go to. Its been more than 11 years since I’ve touched a code, so I have a long road as a beginner.

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Welcome @RockmanR to the community :tada:

Definitely, I think you’re in the right place. I’d suggest you head to the #general:guides-and-tutorials category and start there. It’d be great to have your feedback on the guides, what’s missing, what could be better and what guides we’re missing.

Feel free to open (another :wink:) topic in the #support category if you have any doubts

Hope to see you around!

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I think I’ll be posting soon on #support :smile:

I’m trying to create an opensource platform to fund events and release payments gradually to the event organizers. So I’ll be using a Token and Crowdsale from zeppelin, then add voting, and fund control contracts to it.

I’ll be posting updates when it gets in good shape!


Hi I’m Joe,
Just now learning blockchain programming. Excited to be here. Open Zeppelin seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.
Are there any classes or course, I’m thinking Udemy style, to give me a quick start.


Hi All,

I’ve just joined the Zeppelin Research team, working from Melbourne, Australia. I’m excited to help this ecosystem grow quickly and safely.

When I’m not on the internet, I’m playing guitar, piano, saxophone or basketball.


Welcome to the community @Joe :wave:

A good place to start learning is the #general:guides-and-tutorials category.
We would appreciate your feedback on the guides, please let us know what could be better and what guides we are missing.

Feel free to open a topic in the #support category if you have any questions.

Look forward to hearing about your blockchain programming journey. :smiley:


Welcome @nikeshnazareth to the forum, and to the Zeppelin Research team.

Great to see people from Melbourne :australia: on the Zeppelin team.

See you around.

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Hello everyone. I was led here, somewhat indirectly, by @abcoathup posting a poll over on Peepeth.

I started blogging about crypto in the Autumn of 2017, but was on board well before then. Life (travel, career change) has kept me from blogging full time for quite a while, but I’m still steeped in the blockchain ecosystem. I’m a writer and a programmer, but it’s hard to do both well in the same day… After wrapping my head around things philosophically, I decided to focus on getting a more technical perspective.

I’m currently in the B9Labs blockstars program and hoping to be in Truffle University by ~ the end of the month.

Love the OpenZeppelin libraries and community spirit. Glad to be here.


Welcome @CallMeGwei to the Zeppelin community! :wave: Great to have you here.

Would appreciate any feedback you had on our #general:guides-and-tutorials as you continue to learn smart contract development.

I would recommend having a play with Ethernaut. It is a fun way to get yourself to learn more about smart contract security. There are multiple community solutions already, but you could also flex your writing skills and add to these.

Please feel free to ask any smart contract development questions you have in the forum (general or specific to OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS).

I know @CallMeGwei from his fantastic writing on Peepeth and his blog, and also had the pleasure of his company and friendship at #buidl_bali retreat.

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