Insufficient funds in Remix but not in etherscann when interacting with contract

I have a customer that when he tries to interact with his ERC721 contract through Remix he always gets the insufficient funds message.

We have checked that the account is the owner of the contract.
We have checked that it connects to the ethereum mainnet.
We have checked that the contract is properly instantiated with the corresponding address.
We have checked that it is the same compiled code as in the verified version in scann.
Of course, it has been checked to ensure that it has sufficient balance.

The result is always the same.

It can interact through the etherscann daap but not through Remix.

With this comment, do you have any idea where we are going wrong?

Hello @Cainuriel

Take a look at the gas limit.

If your gas limit is to high, it will calculate the gas price * gas limit and that might be above your balance.
The reason why this works on Etherscan is probably because they estimate the gas before setting the limit to a more realistic value.

Let me know if that solved your issue!

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Let's try what you are telling me.
I will let you know as soon as I have news.
thanks @madeindreams


This was the problem. I had an insufficient balance for the default gas.
Thanks for your answer!

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