I need to lock a function so that it can only be used by unity as would be possible

function createRandomCard (string memory _name, uint8 _level, uint8 _health, uint8 _shield, uint8  _energy) public payable{
      require(msg.value >= fee, "The fee is not correct");
     createCard(_name, _level, _health, _shield, _energy);

remix: last version
prama solidity 0.8.0;

Thanks in advance

Explain what you mean by "unity".

Fix the formatting, use triple backticks for code.

code here
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I made a contract that has several variants that I wanted to be filled by unity that has a random system, because solidity is missing that they are in the following image.


but I don't want there to be no manipulation from outside to create perfect cards

Can you provide a link to "unity"? I really don't know what that is.

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what i show you is remix