I have sent tokens to the pancakeswap address directly

I have deployed contract and added liquidity from PCS GUI tool. This is the contract.

So people was bought my token and last liquidity toal was 1300 busd and my input initial liquidity was $700+ BUSD and I was asked from Fiverr guy and he said it is okay to send my EPB tokens directly to the PCS contract address. Then liquidity may increase. I sent through metamask. sent to the address below.

But what happened when I sent the tokens to the pcs liquidity address above, poocoin chart shows looks like rugpull and token price back to the initial price and sold $920+ amount and I don’t know where it goes.

tx of sent tokens : https://bscscan.com/tx/0x1e4e0be96362622b5add5d9bcad6445663ba26f12f7f1a735be269388e0234c9

tx of automatically sold that liquidity value :

So please kindly help me to get back those money invested by investors,
But the pcs address updated with sent tokens…

Token amount went 0.00000047 to 0.00000012
Liquidity amount was 1302 BUSD and now 300+ BUSD
Chart shows huge sell red line
Cake-LP tokens not increased

Sorry for my bad English

Please someone help me