I cant verify my contract address

:frowning: ah man, I thought anyone could verify someone's contract without deploying it themselves

it can be but with the same wallet from which it was deployed :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm just pasting the same stuff

from where you deployed it? Remix or else?

Yup I deployed it from remix

can you share screenshot of compiler screen (on Remix) and verification screen (bscscan) where you paste text.

please select Optimization: YES at the bscscan verfication page where you are pasting the code.

let me know if you resolve the issue.

i tried yes, its not working

@FreezyEx can help it out.

Flatten your Files, then use that flattened code on " Enter Solidity contract code below "

here are some screenshots to install "Flattener" on Remix

Copy Fatten code

i know there is a typo, but if i try to edit, since im new, my post gets removed :smiley:

Ok I'll try this and get back to you

Hi Kumar
I am having very hard time to verify my contract on BSC network

This is my contract ID. Any help is appreciated


I have the same problem, I'm unable to fix it

didnt work, do i have redeploy too?

For questions about verification refer to our megathread: