How to view my ERC1155 items on mumbai test network?

Hello, I have already created a smart contracted that mint my ERC1155 to user address. The transaction (assume it is 100 bullets) is already in mumbai test network explorer ,but I don't know how to view my bullets or assets of ERC1155 on user address.

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Here is my mint code

function mintToUserWallet(
        address _userAddress,
        uint256 _itemId,
        uint256 _itemAmount,
        bytes memory _data
    ) public {
      require(balanceOf(_userAddress, _itemId) + _itemAmount >= balanceOf(_userAddress, _itemId), "[] Balance overflow");

      vaultItem.decreaseItem(_userAddress, _itemId, _itemAmount);
      _mint(_userAddress, _itemId, _itemAmount, _data);
      _totalSupply[_itemId] += _itemAmount;

Here is my transaction on Mumbai

Hello anyone know the answer?

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