How to verify UUPSUpgradeable proxy on BSC mainnet

:1234: Code to reproduce

I have deployed uupsupgradeable proxy on bsc mainnet. but i am not sure how i can verify proxy contract.
Anyone plese help me for that.
Thank you

I’ve verified the contract for you.

Thank you so much @frangio

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Hi @frangio
Could you verify UUPS upgradeable contract on Polygon Chain again?

Thank you again!

Having a similar problem, described in this post - can't verify a UUPS contract.

@frangio as much as I'm tempted to ask you to verify after I deploy to Ethereum mainnet, I can see it's not a sustainable modus operandi, so I'd rather learn to do that myself. That tutorial you composed really helps - if you could publish another step-by-step guide for UUPS verification, it'd be just great!

This contract is verified, and furthermore it looks like an implementation contract, not a proxy contract.