How to verify TransparentUpgradeableProxy

const nft = await deployProxy(NFT, ["Test"],{ deployer });

I'm using truffle to deploy and when I'm done deploying there are two contracts deployed: 1. NFT 2. TransparentUpgradeableProxy. and I want to verify TransparentUpgradeableProxy But I can't verify using truffle-plugin-verify because the blockchain I use is not supported ( using Blockscout ).

Now I try to use truffle-flattener at file node_modules@openzeppelin\contracts\proxy\transparent\TransparentUpgradeableProxy.sol
but when I tried to verify it failed with an error saying bytecodes don't match

Is there any other way to verify?

Please help me

You can find some info on verification here, although the block explorer for xChain is not Etherscan based so some of the details would be different.