How to use solidity-docgen with OpenZeppelin Contracts installed with Brownie?

Asked in FlexDapps Discord:

solidity-docgen can’t compile OpenZeppelin Contracts installed through brownie pm.

Installing OpenZeppelin Contracts with npm then causes Brownie to complain.

solidity-docgen looks for dependencies in node_modules. Where does brownie store installed contracts?

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HI @iamdefinitelyahuman,

Where does Brownie store installed OpenZeppelin Contracts?

@iamdefinitelyahuman advised Brownie stores OpenZeppelin Contracts in: ~/.brownie/packages/[ORG]/[REPO]@[VERSION]

In that case it will not work. We look in node_modules specifically. I would be okay with adding Brownie support but don’t have the time to do it, but I can review a PR if someone wants to provide one.

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