How to unfreeze a Vidt ERC20 token?

I bought some token 2 years ago, lost access to my wallet, and recovered recently. I froze one of the tokens. Vidt token. I can only see the freeze function in the smart contract.
how can I unfreeze it? I’ve tried so many things, I was directed here by a good friend.

Thank you

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Hi @enigma1,

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I’m not familiar with Vidt token.
If you mean the following contract:

Then it looks like only the owner (as set in the contract) can freeze, and unfreeze an account (calling freeze with _state with false).

	function freeze(address _address, bool _state) public onlyOwner returns (bool) {
		frozenAccount[_address] = _state;

		emit Freeze(_address, _state);

		return true;

I recommend getting in contact with the project who created the token to ask them to unfreeze your account.

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