How to track forwarder transaction called by relayer

After cloning the defender-meta-txs workshop example, I created a signed transaction and sent it to the relayer. The relayer then forwarded the transaction to the recipient contract. Here is the transaction hash: 0x1de61658ca1cce7c64346af98236630bea51eacd8f49e67f599356132b59279b on Arbitrum one.

The intended behavior was for the recipient contract, located at 0x502DbaAE94034FDBaf65ba25e980fF3fdc16300C, to receive ETH and deposit it into the liquidity pool. However, when I checked the recipient contract, I couldn't find any transactions. How to track what happened after calling the forwarder contract?

It's actually pretty visible on

There are currently only 2 transaction there:

  1. Contract creation
  2. swapETHAndDeposit

The 2nd one was executed from the same contract shown in your transaction hash.

Check transaction time is different because the first test I sent to swapETHAndDeposit directly without a forwarder contract, then the 2nd test was with a forwarder contract which I mentioned above